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50 Randomly Sampled Foods and Beverages, from Least Processed to Ultra-Processed

Organic Watercress Warrior Juice, 16 fl oz
Fuji Apple Juice, 32 fl oz
V8 Low Sodium 100% Vegetable Juice, 11.5 oz. Can (Pack of 6)
Organic Pineapple Apple Mint Juice, 16 fl oz
Organic Peach Plum e Vera Juice, 16.9 fl oz
Emerald River Organic Cold-Pressed Juice, 16 fl oz
Rtd Bottle Hibiscus Ginger Lime, 16 fluid ounce
Foco Mango Nectar 1 Liter
Vive Organic Immunity Boost Shot - 2 fl oz
Organic Mango Juice, 32 fl oz
Capri Sun Organic Apple Juice Naturally Flavored Drink, 10 ct Box, 6 fl oz Pouches
100% Orange Juice Calcium & Vitamin D (Not From Concentrate), 59 fl oz
V8 Healthy Greens, 46 oz.
Organic Fresh Pressed Coconut Juice, 32 fl oz
Capri Sun 100% Juice Paw Patrol Naturally Flavored 100% Apple Juice, 10 ct Box, 6 fl oz Pouches
Chlorophyll Refresh Low-Glycemic Lemonade, 12 fl oz
Cold Pressed Organic Essential GreensĀ®, 15.2 fl oz
Whole Coconut Smoothie, 10 fl oz
Bloody Mary Mix, 36 fl oz
V8 Strawberry Banana, 46 oz.
Kor Wellness Ginger Shot 1.7 fl oz
V8 Original 100% Vegetable Juice, 5.5 oz. Can (Pack of 8)
POM Wonderful 100% Juice, Pomegranate Cherry, 16 Ounce
Great Value Light Apple Juice, 96 Fl. Oz.
Blueberry Acai Probiotic Juice Drink, 1 qt
Califia Farms California Meyer Lemonade - 48 fl oz
Plant-Based Water, Aloe Vera Juice Drink with Pulp, 16.9 fl oz
Capri Sun Mountain Cooler Mixed Fruit Naturally Flavored Juice Drink, 10 ct Box, 6 fl oz Pouches
V8 Splash Orange Pineapple, 64 oz.
Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Bean Protein Plus Shake - 15.2oz
Pure Coconut Water With Pineapple, 16.9 fl oz
Organic Orange Peach Mango Juice, 59 fl oz
V8 Splash Berry Blend, 96 oz.
Goya Mango Nectar, 33.8 fl oz
Iberia Foods Iberia Aloe Drink, 16.9 oz
GoodBelly Probiotics Organic Blueberry Acai Juice Drink, 27.05 Fl.Oz.
Iberia Aloe Drink - 16.9oz
Bolthouse Farms Protein PLUS Beverage, Chocolate, 32 oz
100% White Grape Juice - 64 fl oz Bottle - Market Pantry™
Welch's Concord Grape Fruit Juice Cocktail, 59 Fl. Oz.
V8 Pomegranate Blueberry, 46 oz.
Organic Mango Apple Orange Baobab Juice, 32 fl oz
Kool-Aid Jammers Sharkleberry Fin Strawberry Orange Punch Artificially Flavored Soft Drink, 10 ct Box, 6 fl oz Pouches
Organic Carrot Orange Turmeric Juice, 32 fl oz
Great Value White Cranberry Juice Cocktail, 64 fl oz
ReliOn Glucose Gel, Fruit Punch Flavor, 1.2 Ounce
100% Apple Juice - 64 fl oz Bottle - Market Pantry™
V8 Light Strawberry Banana, 46 oz.
Great Value Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice Cocktail, 64 fl oz
Great Value Diet Cranberry Juice Beverage, 64 fl oz