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50 Randomly Sampled Foods and Beverages, from Least Processed to Ultra-Processed

Hard Boiled Pasture Eggs, 9.3 oz
Organic Shoestring French Fries (No Added Salt), 16 oz
Lean Cuisine Features Herb Roasted Chicken Frozen Meal 8 oz.
Mrs. T's Pierogies Classic Cheddar 64 oz.
John Soules Foods Beef Fajitas, 24oz (Frozen)
Grandcestors Paleo Colorado Hash, Frozen Meal, Ready to Eat
Gorton's Simply Bake Roasted Garlic & Butter Salmon - 8.2oz
Green Giant Cauliflower Veggie Hash Browns, 6 count, 9.7 oz
Ortega® Traditional Refried Beans 16 oz. Can
Chicken Rotisserie Chicken Half, 14 oz
Wholly Veggie Ranch Cauliflower Wings, 13.2 oz
Jack Daniels Pulled Chicken, 16.0 OZ
Lean Cuisine Bowls Orange Chicken Frozen Entrée 10.864 oz.
Amy's Frozen Mexican Casserole Bowl - 9.5oz
Brown Rice & Vegetables Bowl, 10 oz
Gluten Free Vegan Broccoli Cheeze Bake, 9.5 oz
Amy's Frozen Cheese Ravioli with Sauce Bowl - 9.5oz
P.F. Chang's Korean Frozen Noodle Bowl - 11oz
Local Crate Thai Chicken Noodle Bowls with Peanut Sauce Meal Kit - Serves 2 - 26.1oz
Gardein Plant-Based, Vegan Italian Saus'age Pasta Bowl, 8.5 Oz
Salisbury Steak & Gravy w/Mashed Potatoes
Lean Cuisine Bowls Sweet and Sour Chicken Frozen Meal 11 oz.
Marie Callender's Frozen Meal, Creamy Parmesan Chicken Pot Pie, 15 Ounce
Palak Paneer With Basmati Rice, 10 oz
Tofu Scramble, 9 oz
Iltaco Beef Pizza Puff, 8 puffs
Banquet Mega Meals Boneless Fried Chicken Frozen Dinner, 12 Ounce
Farm Rich Breaded Mozzarella Cheese Sticks, Party Size High Protein Snack, Frozen, 70 oz
Amy's Kitchen Frozen Indian Inspired Vegetable Pakoras - 9.5oz
Lean Cuisine Marketplace Frozen Tortilla Crusted Fish - 8oz
HORMEL Slow Simmered Beef Roast Au Jus, 15 oz
HORMEL COMPLEATS Chicken & Dumpling, 7.5 oz
KidFresh Pizza Dipping Strips - 7.35oz
Great Value Flour Chicken Taquitos, 16 count, 19.2 oz
Benihana The Japanese Steakhouse Frozen Yakisoba Chicken - 10oz
Mac & Cheezy Fun Ravioli, 9 oz
Three Cheese Bites, 7 oz
Jimmy Dean Sausage Egg & Cheese Frozen Croissant Sandwiches - 4ct
SKIPPY P.B. & Jelly Minis Grape, 10 - 2 ounce Pouches
Manicotti (cheese) Single (12 X 3 Ct) Pasta Stuffed with Ricotta Cheese in Marinara Sauce
Ab&j Sandwich, 4 oz
Stouffer's Family Size Salisbury Steak Frozen Meal 28 oz.
Hot Pockets Garlic Buttery Crust Pepperoni Pizza Sandwiches - 9oz/2ct
Delimex Beef & Cheese Large Flour Taquitos Frozen Snacks, 18 ct Box
Oscar Mayer Lunchables Ham & Cheddar with Cracker Stackers - 3.5oz
Angie's BoomChickaPop Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn Popcorn, Pre-Popped Popcorn Bag, 7 Oz
Joseph Campione Mozzarella Cheese Stuffed Bread Sticks, 5 count, 11.5 oz
Pasta Roni Fettuccine Alfredo, 4.7 oz Box
Iltaco Foods Il Taco Original Pizza Puffs