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Selected Category: Wraps, Rolls & Buns

50 Randomly Sampled Foods and Beverages, from Least Processed to Ultra-Processed

Goya Goya Tortillas, 30 oz
Organic Thin & Crispy Rustic White Pizza Crust 2pk, 3.5 oz
Tumaro's 8" Low Carb 9 Grain with Chia Seeds Tortillas - 11.2oz/8ct
Mission Carb Balance Super Soft Spinach Herb Tortillas - 12oz/8ct
Vietnamese Brown Rice Spring Roll Wrapper, 8 oz
Mission Vegan Protein Plant Powered Tortillas - 9oz/8ct
Joseph's Middle East Mini Pita Snacks
Ciabatta Rolls, 16 oz
White Pita Bread, 18 oz
Great Value Flour Tortilla Mix, 64 Oz
Cranberry Orange Snacking Rounds, 10.6 oz
Pretzilla Soft Pretzel Mini Buns, 8.4 oz, 6 count
Tortilla Wrap 5 Pack, 17.6 oz
Old El Paso Gluten Free Stand 'n Stuff Yellow Corn Taco Shells - 4.7oz/10ct
Butternut Brown 'n Serve Enriched Rolls, 12 ct, 11 oz.
Sweet Hawaiian Dinner Rolls, 12 ct
Hola Nola Spinach & Herb Wraps - 15oz/6ct
Organic Tortillas, Flour - Burrito Size (6 Tortillas), 16 oz
La Banderita 100% Whole Wheat Flour Tortillas - 16oz/10ct
Organic Small Flour Tortillas, 10.8 oz
Freshness Guaranteed Kaiser Rolls, 11 oz, 6 Count
Albuquerque Burrito Style Flour Tortillas - 22oz/10ct
La Banderita Burrito Grande Extra Large Flour Tortillas - 25oz/10ct
Sam's Choice Sweet Buttery Rolls, 12 Oz, 12 Count
Whole Wheat 100 Calorie One Bun, 11.3 oz
Organic Whole Wheat Tortillas, 14.4 oz
Schwebel's Harvest Wheat Sandwich Buns - 13oz
T Marzetti Sister Schuberts Warm & Serve Yeast Rolls, 11 oz
Franz Premium Potato Hot Dog Bun 15oz
Peperidge Farm Bakery Classics Sesame Slider Buns - 15.5oz/12ct
Lakeland Jumbo Hamburger Buns - 18oz/12ct
Butternut Seeded Burger Buns, 21 oz, 12 Count
Hot Dog Buns - 11oz/8ct - Market Pantry™
Hot Dog Buns, Classic White 8ct, 15 oz
Francisco Sourdough French Rolls - 17oz
Johnsonville Grillers Burger Buns, baked by Aunt Millie's, 8 ct.
Mission Original Wraps - 15oz/6ct
Koffee Kup Bakery Koffee Kup Sanwich Rolls, 15 oz
Francisco Sweet French Sandwich Rolls - 17oz/6ct
Merita White Hot Dog Buns 8ct 12oz
Frescado 7" Fajita Tortillas - 15ct/23oz
Barowsky's Buckie Rolls - 12oz/6ct
Multigrain Wraps, 13.1 oz
Great Value Medium Whole Wheat Flour Tortillas, 17.5 Oz, 10 Count
Organic Whole Wheat Tortillas, 7.62 oz
Sunbeam Sandwich Rolls - 21oz/8ct
Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse Sausage Buns - 17oz/6ct
Pepperidge Farm Butter Slider Buns - 15oz/12ct
Stonefire Original Naan Bread - 8.8oz/2ct
Ball Park Everything Hamburger Buns, 8 count, 16 oz