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Selected Category: Dips & Salsa

50 Randomly Sampled Foods and Beverages, from Least Processed to Ultra-Processed

Great Value Borracho Bean Salsa, 13 oz
Cilantro Garlic Dip, 8 oz
Organic Hummus Spicy Jalapeno & Cilantro, 8 oz
HERDEZ Guacamole Salsa - Medium, 15.7 oz
Fire Roasted Salsa, 16 fl oz
Mild Fire Roasted Salsa, 16 fl oz
Great Value Mild Black Bean & Corn Salsa, 24 oz
Organic Roasted Premium Seaweed Snack, Sea Salt, .35 Oz, 0.35 oz
Organic Roasted Premium Seaweed Snack, Toasted Sesame, .35 Oz, 0.35 oz
Organic Green Onion Dip, 7 oz
Herby Chimichurri, 5 oz
Fresh 'N Nova Gourmet Babaghannouj, 8 oz
Garbanzo Bean Meze Hummus, 16 oz
Medium Cucumber Tomato Salsa, 11 oz
Mild Salsa Verde, 15 oz
Hot Guacamole, 8 oz
Sprouted Bean Dip, 10.8 oz
Hidden Valley Fiesta Ranch Dips Mix, Gluten Free, 1.1 Oz
Easy Cheese Cheddar 'n Bacon Cheese Snack, 1 can (8z)
Organic Original Hummus, 6 oz
Lemon Beet Hummus, 10 oz
Tzatziki Hot Pepper And Garlic Dip, 12 oz
Dairy Free Queso Nacho, 10.8 ounce
Traditional Hummus, 16 oz
Cava Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, 8 oz
Marketside Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, 10 Oz
Eggplant & Tomato Tapenade Duopack, 2 3.17 oz
Fritos Original Bean Dip, 3.125 oz Canister
Bahama Mama Mango Salsa, 16 oz
Roasted Garlic Hummus, 8 oz
Sabra Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, 10 oz
Organic Hummus Original, 16 oz
Cabo Fresh Squeeze Mild Guacamole 12oz
Great Value Organic Mild Salsa, 16 oz
Fritos Jalapeno Cheddar Flavored Cheese Dip, 9 oz
Taco Bell Medium Salsa Con Queso Cheese Dip, 15 oz Jar
Hot Salsa, 16 oz
On The Border Original Mild Salsa, 16 Oz
Spicy Fire Roasted Salsa, 16 fl oz
Roasted Tomato Salsa, 15.75 oz
Silver Spring Prepared Horseradish
Habanero Roasted Tomato Salsa, 15.75 oz
Sabra Classic Hummus, Family Size, 17 oz
Mild Salsa Roja, 15 oz
Organic Spicy Mango Fruit Jerky With Chili & Salt, 0.8 oz
Medium Salsa, 16 oz
Pace Salsa, Salsa Verde, Great for Cooking and Perfect for Taco Night, 24 Ounce Jar
HERDEZ Salsa Casera, 7 oz
Original Fresh Salsa, 14 ounce
Dolci Frutta Hard White Shell, 8 oz