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50 Randomly Sampled Foods and Beverages, from Least Processed to Ultra-Processed

Sourdough Family Loaf, 1 lb
Whole Wheat Sourdough Round, 24 oz
Rosemary Garlic Half Deli Loaf, 20 oz
Three Grain Bread, 17.6 oz
Rotella's Italian Pane Di Caca - 17oz
Wonder® Small 100% Whole Wheat Bread 16 oz. Loaf
Village Hearth Light Wheat Bread - 16oz
Organic Multigrain Sandwich Bread, 18 count
Sliced Sourdough Bread - 17oz - Favorite Day™
Seattle Sourdough Cracked Wheat Sourdough Bread - 24oz
Calise Bakery Italian Round Bread, 20 oz
S.Rosen's Unseeded Rye Bread - 16oz
Sourdough Half Deli Loaf, 21 oz
Oroweat Dark Rye Bread - 16oz
Dave's Killer Bread Powerseed Organic Bread Loaf, 25 oz, 17 Count
Marketside All Butter Croissants, 9.17 oz, 4 Count
Organic Thin-sliced 21 Whole Grains And Seeds Bread, 20.5 oz
Gluten Free Mountain White Bread, 18 oz
Gluten Free Almond Bread, 24 oz
Sam's Choice Gluten Free Multigrain Bread, 18 oz, 14 Count
Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain Honey Wheat Thin Sliced Bread - 22oz
Butter Bread, 20 oz
Mother's Butter Top Round Bread - 24oz
Pepperidge Farm 100% Whole Wheat Light Style Bread - 16oz
Dave's Killer Bread® Thin-Sliced Good Seed® Organic Bread 20.5 oz. Bag
Great Value Organic Multi-Grain & Seeds Thin-Sliced Bread, 20 oz, 20 Count
NATURES OWN Perfectly Crafted Thick Sliced White Bread 22 oz
Arnold 100% Health Nut Bread - 24oz
Dave's Killer Bread Organic 100% Whole Wheat Bread - 25oz
Classic Rye Bread, 1.1 lb
Silver Hills Bakery Organic Soft Wheat Sprouted Wheat Bread - 24oz
Pepperidge Farm 100% Whole Grain Whole Wheat Bread - 24oz
Challah Bread, 20 oz
Honey Wheat Soft Sourdough, 567 gram
Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain Thin Sliced 15 Grain Bread, 22 oz. Loaf
Sinbeam Split Top White - 20oz
Great Value White Round Top Bread, 20 oz
Organic Honey Whole Wheat Bread, 27 oz
Kodiak Cakes S'mores Flapjack Cup - 2.36oz
Rotella's Italian Bakery Sandwich Bread - 17oz
Sara Lee 100% Whole Wheat Classic Wheat Bread - 16oz
Cranberry Pecan Bread, 1 lb
Organic Hot Dog Buns Whole Wheat (8 Buns), 16 oz
Franz Gluten Free Cinnamon Raisin Bread 20oz
Cinnamon Raisin Pan Loaf, 1 lb
Pepperidge Farm Light Oatmeal Sandwich Bread - 16oz
Country Hearth Cracked Wheat Bread - 24oz
Oroweat Jewish Rye Bread - 16oz
Nature's Own Perfectly Crafted White Sandwich Bread - 22oz
Stroehmann King White Sandwich Bread - 22oz